Finding an Affordable Rental in a Large City

August 15, 2021

As anyone who’s ever rented a property within a hundred miles of a major city such as Lucknow knows, apartments in the big city do not come cheap. Whether you’re a single young professional looking for an inexpensive base of operations to call your own while you make your way up the corporate ladder or a blue-collar worker just trying…

Making concessions: needs vs. wants

The first step in finding a cheap apartment in a large city is figuring out what you absolutely need to have in your future home and what you want but can live without. There are many things you might be taking for granted if you’re from a small to mid-sized town, but in the big city every little convenience will end up costing you. 

You should consider taking certain amenities off your list of necessary features in your prospective apartment. Things like a nice view, large amounts of space, or good natural lighting might make a rental a better place to live, but they are not strictly necessary to make a place your home. 

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